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This is Why More Than 80% of Homeowners Choose Built-Up Roofs

This is Why More Than 80% of Homeowners Choose Built-Up Roofs

Americans have been sheltering their homes from the elements with asphalt roof shingles and built-up roofs (BUR) for the last century. This roofing system quickly became a top choice for homeowners as they transitioned away from wood shingles that led to fast-burning fires. Henry Reynolds invented this game-changing roofing material back in 1903 by cutting up asphalt rolls that had been surfaced with stone. Now, more than 80% of residential roofs in the United States use asphalt shingles. Due to the continued popularity of asphalt shingles, many homeowners also have built-up roofs protecting their property.

What is built-up roofing (BUR)?

Americans have been sheltering their homes with built-up roofs for over 100 years. Without getting into crazy detail, built-up roofs are made of multiple layers of asphalt and ply sheets. This roofing system is fairly resistant to bad weather and insulates your home against rainfall. The high-quality roofing materials and the installation process fuse beautifully to create a highly efficient roof. 

Why should I choose built-up roofing?

This roofing option has earned its reputation as a top choice for homeowners across the United States of America, and Texas is no different. It’s a great choice because of its many layers. Even if the top layer is damaged by hailstones, critters, or anything else– it’s a breeze for our roofers to make repairs. Better yet, you won’t have to deal with interior damage from leaks right away because the other layers will catch the water until Snow Roofing and Exteriors arrives to make emergency repairs. You can also sleep easy knowing you made this investment since most BUR systems are under warranty for up to 20 years. BUR roofs also boast UV protection, impact resistance, and fire resistance. 

Built-up roofing installation process

Also known as a “tar and gravel” roof, built-up roofs can be completed in six steps. However, the installation process usually takes a couple of weeks. When you hire Snow Roofing and Exteriors to install a built-up roof you can expect the following layering process:

  • Substrate or decking
  • Roof insulation
  • Roofing asphalt
  • Venting base sheet with roofing asphalt
  • Ply sheet with roofing asphalt
  • Slag or gravel in asphalt or a modified bitumen cap

If you choose to use a modified bitumen cap, your roof will actually become a hybrid and may include additional components like coal tar, aggregate, and coatings which are used for surfacing. Either type of built-up roof can be installed using hot asphalt or cold adhesives. Both should create a seamless roof. 

Maintenance and Repair

Built-up roofs are generally recognized as a low-maintenance roofing solution. It’s best practice to get an annual inspection to ensure that the bitumen roof is holding up well. Otherwise, it’s highly affordable and you should just take care to keep your gutters clear and call Snow Roofing and Exteriors, your Bridgeport roofers if you suspect an issue after inclement weather rolls through the area. 

Bridgeport Roofers

Snow Roofing and Exteriors is the premier roofing installer in Bridgeport and Nort Fort Worth. We travel all over and specialize in storm damage repairs. So whether you’re looking for a brand new roof or speedy repairs, our trained, insured, and certified roofers are available to help protect your property. Call today to schedule a consultation or request an emergency repair. If you’re interested in a BUR roof, let us know. One of our roofers can assess your home and tell you if it’s suited to that kind of roofing system. If it is, we can answer your questions and start guiding you through the installation process.