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5 Signs That You Are in Need of a Roofing Solution

5 Signs That You Are in Need of a Roofing Solution

If you own a home or business in North Texas, Snow Roofing & Exteriors is the top roofing company around. We can inspect, maintain, repair, install, or replace your roof in a timely manner. The roof of your property is the first line of defense against natural threats, such as hail storms, thunderstorms, tornadoes, strong winds, debris, etc. You need a stable and strong roof to protect your family, belongings, and/or assets. There isn’t a roofing solution that we haven’t provided. Here are 5 common signs that indicate your roof needs a repair or replacement.

Roof Deck Is Sagging

If the rafters or decking in the attic are sagging, there may be a presence of excessive moisture. Your decking can be leaking and sagging as a result. Snow Roofing & Exteriors can localize the leakage and stop the damage before it becomes a more extensive and expensive problem.

Staining on Walls or Ceiling

Some of the most obvious signs of leaks are water stains on walls and ceilings. If you notice your wallpaper peeling or a discoloration on your ceilings, a roof replacement can prevent the leaks from damaging more of your property.

Attic Is Very Telling

Some buildings have an attic. If your property does, make sure you take a look at it after a thunderstorm. If there are leaks, you might need to get the flashing replaced. However, in more advanced cases, you may need an entire roof replacement. The only way to know is by conducting a professional roof inspection.

But don’t just check your attic after a storm. Simply go into it in the daylight to ensure that no sunlight is creeping in through cracks. If it does, then those cracks can become a problem when it rains. If sunlight can creep through, so can water. Check the shingles to see if any are missing or broken. Snow Roofing & Exteriors can easily replace those.

Higher Energy Bills

Your HVAC system runs until the desired temperature is reached. If there are openings in your roof, the air can escape or air from the outside creeps in and influences the temperature in your property. Your HVAC system will work harder to keep the temperature, which will increase your energy bills. Once you address this ventilation issue, you should notice a drop in these expenses. Don’t waste unnecessary money on your energy bill, get in touch with our expert team right away.

Damaged Shingles

If your shingles are cracked or curled, this is a sign that they need a replacement soon. If they are completely missing or broken, leaks become a potential threat to your home. Our team can either replace individual shingles depending on the type of roof, or we may need to do a whole roof replacement. After we inspect it, we will relate the best course of action and investment.

Snow Roofing to the Rescue

If your property is in need of a roofing solution, Snow Roofing & Exteriors is only a call away. Let us fortify your property with a strong and durable roofing system.