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5 Tips For Choosing Commercial Roofing Contractors

5 Tips For Choosing Commercial Roofing Contractors

The differences between commercial roofing contractors can be vast. What you need for your business, though, is a contractor that’s reliable, honest, experienced, and capable of handling whatever it is that your specific commercial property needs. Basically, someone that can do it all. There are a few tips for getting it right, of course.

Local Services Equal Consistent Services

While you might get away with outsourcing a maintenance job here or there, consistency is key when talking about commercial roofing services. You need a local contractor that will always be there consistently when you need them and has an intimate knowledge of your unique property, so they can always determine what you need as your needs evolve. You want one contractor that can do it all, so you never have to hire multiple pros to complete a single project.

Look At Reviews & Reputation

There are plenty of inexperienced commercial contractors out there that spend a ton of money on advertisements and marketing to try and expand their business, but if you want an honest overview of their business there’s no better place to turn to than your peers. If a contractor has a solid reputation and an overwhelming number of positive reviews from satisfied property owners, they might be worth talking to. If your friends and other people around town have negative things to say about them and you can barely find any reviews online, proceed with caution.

Good Communication Is Crucial

Having good discourse with your contractor is crucial if you hope to be satisfied with the outcome of your latest roofing project, and it’s not all about how honest you are with them about what you want. A good contractor will be proactive about staying in communication with you and keeping you informed of every advancement and delay they encounter. Never feel bad for turning a contractor down if you feel they’re not being completely upfront with you about their timetables, estimates, or qualifications.

Service Diversity & Experience Matter

If you’re looking for a commercial roofing contractor who can be there for your business long-term, you need to make sure they have a lot of diverse experience. You don’t want someone that only specializes in roof repairs/replacements and can’t help you find the right gutter system to protect your commercial property. And you definitely don’t want a contractor that offers every service under the sun but has no formal experience to back them up. You need to be sure your contractor knows what they’re doing.

Make Sure All Their Ducks Are In A Row

One of the easiest ways to tell if you’re working with a commercial contractor you can count on or one that’s likely to con you out of your hard-earned cash is to check their insurance status. You should never, under any circumstances, work with a commercial roofing contractor that does not have proper insurance. Not only for liability’s sake but because it can impact every aspect of the outcome of your project.

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