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What to Expect During a Roof Replacement

What to Expect During a Roof Replacement

Has your roof been acting up lately? Are you finding leaks, or is air entering through holes in your roof? Or was there a big storm that damaged your roof recently? Whatever the case may be, give Snow Roofing and Exteriors a call today. A roof replacement is an extensive project, and there are many parts that go into making it happen successfully. Our team is here to make sure that you are fully prepared and know exactly what to expect during the process. 

Prepare Your Home

To ensure that none of your belongings get damaged, prepare the inside and outside of your home. Cover all of your furniture, bedding, and clothing to protect the items from falling debris. Take down your wall decorations, for the vibrations of the hammers and other equipment can knock the items down. As for the outside, if you have patio furniture, bikes, plants, or other items near your home, move them so they don’t get damaged by falling debris.

Keep your children indoors, as well as your pets. If you have gates in your yard, make sure the roofers can get passed them, and let them know if you want them to close them every time they use them. Before your roof’s shingles get removed, remove any solar panels, antennas, or satellite dishes.

Roofers Use Tarp for Protection

Our roofers at Snow Roofing and Exteriors will use lots of tarps to prepare your roof and protect your property. Tarps are used on the sides of your home to protect your siding, windows, decks, or plants from any falling debris. And if it rains, the tarps protect your shingles and roof during the replacement process.

Professional Inspection

To figure out the best course of action, our roofers will perform a thorough inspection. We will check your vents to make sure they are performing properly. Without the proper ventilation, your roof and shingles won’t last long. Our roofers will check for any rot or rust on the flashing of your vents. If they find some, your vents will need to be replaced too.

We will also inspect your gutters. If your gutters have been experiencing issues, such as frequent overflows of water, then this is a good time to replace them too.

Remove Existing Materials

Before the new roof can be installed, all of the old material needs to be removed down to the plywood. It may take a while to get rid of all of the old material. Once the shingles are removed, then your flashing and vents get removed if you need those replaced as well.

Begin Your Roof Replacement

After all the preparation has been completed and old materials are removed, our roofers can begin installing the new roof. Once it is complete, we will do a final inspection to ensure that it was installed properly and meets your expectations. And you can rest assured that our team never leaves a mess behind. For more information, or if you’re ready for the roof replacement, get in touch with Snow Roofing and Exteriors today!