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6 of the Most Common Roofing Problems in Northern Texas 

6 of the Most Common Roofing Problems in Northern Texas 

Roofing problems are an issue that impacts both new and seasoned homeowners alike. Especially in Texas, your roof is exposed to a myriad of potential threats, and it’s your first line of defense. It shelters you and your family from storms and keeps your house cozy and dry. 

But what happens if you notice that your roof needs maintenance?

Below, we’ll discuss some of the most common roofing problems in northern Texas, and how Snow Roofing & Exteriors can help. 

1. Roof Leak Damage

As a homeowner, one of the most common roofing problems to run into is a roof leak. Albeit annoying, this issue is fairly easy to spot. 

A few telltale signs of roof leaks are finding stains or discoloration on your ceiling, or finding water damage running down your walls. 

Once the offender has been localized, it’s important to get your roof fixed promptly in order to avoid furthering the damage. If a storm blows through before the integrity of your roof is restored, you’ll likely wind up with more costly repairs. 

The Snow Roofing team is confident in repairing both commercial and residential leaks. Our inspection process will have you feeling secure that your entire roof is top shape. 

2. Worn Shingles

That hot Texas sun beats down on your roof shingles all year long. Especially with such hot summers, you may notice your shingles to wear down and become brittle. This leaves them weak and exposed to future damage. In order to protect your roof shingles, it’s recommended to complete a routine roof inspection every two years.

3. Structural Damage due to Severe Weather

Extreme weather is something that homeowners can neither predict nor ignore. When it comes to sheltering you and your family from storms, quality roofing is your house’s main source of defense.

According to The Dallas Morning News, Wise County falls under the more severe half of the vulnerability index, and is categorized as “Moderately Vulnerable” to tornadoes. 

It’s important to protect against severe weather, like tornadoes. Some other common storms affecting Northern Texanas include: 

  • Thunderstorms
  • Heavy rain
  • Hail 

Inevitably, storms can cause real damage. If you’re concerned about the state of your roof, contact one of our roofing experts and we can schedule you for a free estimate.

4. Roof Wind Damage 

Weak shingles can enable bigger roofing problems in the future. During one of the storms mentioned above, it’s possible to not only have your shingles blown off, but your roofing felt and sheathing could also be damaged. 

5. Wood Rot

Texas’ fluctuating heat and rain can also cause wood rot. This is when damp conditions allow for fungi to grow, causing your roof’s structure to rot and weaken. Not only can this lead to the wood breaking and causing leaks– if left untreated, but the wood rot can also spread to other areas of your roof. 

6. Pests

Critters looking for shelter may find their way into your roof’s structure. Northern Texas is home to many different types of pests: 


If you notice bird nests popping up on your roof every year, it’s time to talk to a professional about removing them.


Squirrels and mice are good at climbing. If they find their way up to your roof and begin gnawing on shingles, the inside of your house could be at risk. If you live in an area with lots of rodents, we encourage you to perform routine roof inspections to ensure the health of your roof.


If your roof is exposed to roof rot or mold, the weakened wood will attract termites. They can weaken shingles and chew away at your roof’s structure.

Snow Roofing & Exteriors: Wise County’s Complete Solution to Roofing Problems

If your roof is in need of an inspection, a tune-up, or even a full replacement– Snow Roofing & Exteriors has you covered. (Literally!)
Our team of reliable roofers has your family’s safety as our top priority. We complete every procedure with attention to detail and use only the highest quality materials. 

Effective communication is also important to us. After our appointment is set, we’ll promptly contact you with reminders and let you know before we start. If we happen to find further issues while working on your roof, we’ll connect with you before conducting any additional repairs. Call us at (817) 733-9228 today with any questions, or to schedule your free quote.