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How Does Summer Affect Your Roof?

How Does Summer Affect Your Roof?

Now that summer is only a few weeks away, it’s time to start thinking about how this weather will treat your roof. Summers in North Texas are very hot and humid, and there are storms to look out for too. All of these conditions affect your roof in different ways. Snow Roofing and Exteriors will guide you through some common challenges, so you can be prepared for these upcoming months.

Summer Affects Your Roof in Many Ways

Thermal Shock

Temperature ranges quite a bit in a single summer day. During the day, temperatures will be very high, but as soon as the sun goes down, the temperature will drop. This can cause your roofing system to expand and contract, and this is one of the biggest issues your roof will face during the summer months. The constant variation of temperature can weaken your roofing structure.

Summer Humidity

During the Texas summers, humidity is a big problem. Moisture and condensation can settle in between the shingles and underlayment, which can result in water leaks. Not just that, but the moisture can also encourage mold to grow, which is a threat to you and your family’s health.

UV Rays and Wear and Tear

Too much exposure to direct sunlight can damage your roof’s shingles. The UV rays dry out the oils in the materials your roof is made of. When your roof looses natural oils, the shingles can curl, which causes them to become brittle and crack. Having broken shingles is a nightmare that can lead to a lot of water damage.

Summer Storms

Southern states, like Texas, experience summer storms a lot throughout these months. Along with them, come strong winds and excessive rain which can affect your roof immensely. That’s why, Snow Roofing and Exteriors recommends getting your roof inspected after every major storm. This ensures that your roof is in good shape and can handle the next big storm. Some of the things we will look out for are missing or broken shingles, gutter blockage, and damp patches.

Roof Deck Rotting

The roof deck is the wood base of your roof. Texas summers can be humid and rainy, which are the perfect conditions for your roof deck to rot. The deck is the foundation of your roof. Once that is damaged, it opens up a gate for a whole bunch of other issues. Your entire roof will become weaker and less secure if your roof deck begins to rot.

Snow Roofing and Exteriors to the Rescue

Although our name may elude that we specialize with the snow, we in fact specialize in roofing solutions during Texas’s humid and rainy summers. Our roofers have many years of experience working through these long Texas summers, and there isn’t a roofing issue we haven’t fixed. As you can see, summer does affect your roof, and it needs special care during these months. The best solution is preventive care, which is why we suggest regular roof inspections and maintenance. Give us a call today, and we can start preparing your roof for these upcoming months.